About Us

Haggan Group

Haggan Group, a holding company, established in 2013 to produce agriculture fruits at high quality & food safety according to international standards, and export them to the world.

Haggan Group focuses on all elements of the supply chain and focus on the parts that needs more attention to assure the sustainability and quality needed.


Haggan Group Mission

To develop and provide parts, and potentially the whole, selected fresh crops supply chain at highest quality, food safety, and value for money; aiming at providing potential markets around the globe with selected fresh, and processed, fruits at the highest quality, extreme safety for human consumption, and best taste, at the right value for money, yet in the most ethical business conducts manners.
Haggan group believes in specialization; thus focusing on Dates, Mango and Pomegranate due to its great nutrition, taste, and acceptability in the local and export markets.

Palm Nursery

Haggan Group is specializing in importing high quality tissue culture palm transplants from well known quality labs worldwide. These transplants are made available to Date Palm growers for quality date production.

Date Palm Farm: High quality, nutrition rich, Date production is at the heart of Haggan Farm due to its importance to human food consumption and world demand for them