Mango Production Sector

Mango is considered a prime crop at Haggan Farm. Several Mango varieties have been planted at the farm, had successfully produced its crops, and have been marketed reasonably. In a later stage, expansion of Mango plantation did take place, in addition to adding new varieties to the total planted area at the farm. In some plots, Mango and Date Palm trees have been planted together due the benefits that Palm trees add to the Mango orchards.
Varieties planted at Haggan farm are: Yasmina Rosa, Sensation, Osteen, Nem Doc May, Shelly, Naomi, Keitt, Kent, and Joa.
Mango plantation are in plots equipped with wooden structures and steel rods; these provides for crop lifters, protection against sand winds, and allows the installation of mist sprays to protect Mango from cold temperature as well as very hot temperature that may occur during winter and summer.