Services List

International Company for Future Palm

Palm Care is a subsidiary company of Haggan Group, specializing in elevating the capabilities of date palm farms to the global export level. It primarily provides targeted consulting services to date palm farms in Egypt and the Arab world, focusing on enhancing productivity, quality, and market readiness. Palm Care conducts market studies, guides farmers in adapting to global supply chains, and aims to increase their worldwide competitiveness. As part of Haggan Group, Palm Care strives to empower date palm farmers to succeed in the international market.

Three services offered related to growing palm trees to reach highest quality of dates and production volume for export and local market. These services include consultancy on all technical transactions and practices related to date production, supervision of some critical and important practices, and actual execution of the critical and important practices, if needed. 

The service is offered directly by experts and well experienced people in the field.


Farm Design & Consultancy services

These services targets investors in farms and crop production targeting crop export quality and local markets. These includes consultancy on how to design the farm, as well as the design of the farm, including plots design, roads, irrigation networks, plantation design and spacing, selection of crops, labor and vehicles circulation, warehouses, employee housing, administration and offices, farm protection, and all related matters.


Farm Design & Development implementation services

These services complement the design and consultancy services with actual implementation of the approved design and actual development of the farm all the way to plantation of required crops. In addition, this services may include the education and methodology on how to operate your farm to reach highest quality crops and adhere to international standards.