Palm Production Sector

Date palm trees is one the most important plantations at Haggan Farm, and the most important production of the farm. A reasonable quantity of Medjool and Barhee have been planted already, and further expansion of these varieties plantation are happening at Haggan farm with the objective of making dates production the principal crop produced at the farm. Economical production will start at Haggan Farm in 2020.
Palm trees are planted in separate plots and in other cases in plots with Mango. Palm trees offers mango several benefits related to the more suitable micro climate produced my the palm trees beneath it for the mango trees. This in turn, improves mango production in quantities and quality.
Haggan Farm depends primarily on Tissue culture Organo-Genesis palm transplants for date palm plantations. Torpedo palm transplants (30 cm high, with 3 regular leaves) forms about 80% of the plantation at the farm. These have proven excellent results, most economical, with almost negligible losses and without sacrificing any quality points.
Other varieties have been planted in small quantities to study its success in the farm weather conditions before expanding in large plantations. These are: Khalas, Sokkary, Sagaie, Shishi, Raziz, Nabtet Seif, Khadrawy, etc…